At Tax Street, we know the programs available to keep your business running.  Funds are limited, so it’s important to act now and get help to make sure your business gets the funds it needs to survive.  The Tax Street Team will help you navigate the complex application process for SBA loans and fight to get you the maximum amount of money from every existing and new bill passed.

We know that businesses across the country are struggling as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. At Tax Street, we know the options that are available to business owners that can help you get the funds you need to keep your business running. Those funds are limited so it is important to act now to get help. Tax Street can help you apply for different loans and make sure that you get the maximum amount you are entitled to.

How Can We Help!

SBA Loans For Covid-19

The Small Business Association is currently offering low-interest loans to small businesses that have been affected by COVID-19. Our team can fight for you to make sure you get the maximum amount you are entitled to.

Tax Return Preparation

For many of the loans, you may need to be current on your tax return filings. Our team of tax preparers can help you prepare and file all necessary tax returns needed to receive funds.

Optimizing Forgivable Loan Amounts

These loans only cover certain expenses. Our team will ensure your books are reported in a way that best represents your expenses to maximize what you can obtain from forgivable loans.

Cashflow Consulting

Advising regarding payroll tax deferrals, exemptions of IRA withdrawal penalty, and how to best qualify for stimulus checks.

Review Prior Year Returns For Refund Opportunities

Reviewing your returns to determine if Net Operating Losses (NOLS) could be carried back to prior years, tax returns could be amended and refunds obtained.

Other Loan Programs

There are other small business loans you can apply for that aren’t specifically for COVID-19. We can help you apply for those loans as well to help make sure you get all the necessary funds you need for your business.

Loan Forgiveness Guidance

We can use the disaster part of the tax code to help maximize payroll tax credits and other deductions to help make sure you claim all the expenses that have been incurred due to the outbreak.

Payroll Tax Credit Consulting

Our team will review your individual facts and circumstances that will allow you to obtain your specific maximum payroll credits allowed through the new bill.

Retirement Plan Opportunities

The CARES Act provides several sources of cash including tapping into existing retirement accounts.  Our team can maximize the cash while avoiding undue taxes and penalties.

Emergency State/Local Grant Instruction

Advising regarding emergency grants, and how to best qualify.

Don’t Miss Out On SBA Funds!

Funds are limited and could run out before you get the chance to apply. Don’t wait, act now so you and your business can get the necessary funds you need to survive! Click below to schedule your free consultation.

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