My Favorite Financial Tools, Websites, and Software

I have checked out various tools and websites as well as various software programs to help create more wealth and reduce tax liabilities.  

Check these sites out!

Payroll Services

I recommend the following do-it-yourself solutions.

Tax Street also offers done-for-you payroll.  Please contact us if want to learn more.

Gusto Payroll

Gusto software is an easy-to-use payroll solution.  This is best for do-it-yourself payroll where you are not using QuickBooks for your bookkeeping.

Retirement Accounts

I recommend the following companies for self-directed IRAs and Solo 401ks.

Please consult with us first to be sure your choice is best for your tax situation.

Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar is a self-directed IRS trustee.  They allow you to invest in almost any investment asset.  What makes them unique is they create an LLC under the plan, so you have access to the checkbook for making quick investment decisions.



I can’t thank you enough for doing my taxes.  I was really stuck due to the circumstances I found myself in and you came to my rescue.  I don’t know what I would have done without your help, and I am incredibly grateful.

Natalie W. 
Natalie W.



“The best financial advisor and tax specialist I have ever met. When I met Tom, I was impressed his expertise and knowledge in financial planning and tax advice. I have recommended his services to all my associates. “

Gary M. 
Gary M.



“Tom has been my accountant and financial advisor since we met in 2006. His vast knowledge and expertise have guided me through lucrative initiatives, as well as tricky financial situations during the last recession. As a resourceful, empathetic, and creative consultant, Tom has kept me smart in my business and tax strategies. Honest, helpful, and generous with his time. I cherish Tom as a close and trusted advisor with all my tax needs.”

Tobin M. 
Tobin M.



“Tom at Tax Street has been my tax specialist for the last 10 years. If you are looking for an honest and incredibly knowledgeable company to guide you through your tax challenges, I highly recommend them. They have delivered the best financial planning and tax strategies to keep my company in line with current tax laws. Their guidance and service have been invaluable.”

John F. Sound Management Inc.
John F.

Some of the links above are affiliate links.  This means that Tax Street will receive a referral commission if you purchase the product or service at no additional cost to you.  This commission in no way changes my opinion on the above products and services.

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