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Tax Strategy, Advice, Tools, And Preparation For Small Business, Real Estate Brokers, Landlords, and Real Estate Investors.

Trust Worthy

We use the latest technology and security protocols to ensure the safety and security of your private information.


Our tax and real estate experience extends over 30 years. There is not much in the real estate world we have not seen.


The real value with Tax Street is the tax and investment strategies we develop to help our clients with their wealth building goals.

What we Do

We Offer an Array of Tax and Financial Services for Both Personal and Business

Individual & Business Taxes 

Tax Street offers tax preparation services for both personal as well as business returns.  Our expertice is real estate but we can handle all types of returns, from the easy to the more difficult.

Business Planning

Let us help you in your  business planning, from business plans to purchase decisions.  Our business consulting services can help you grow larger and become more profitable.

Payroll Services

Payroll is often challenging for the small business owner.  Tax Street offers both a Do-It-Yourself package as well as a Done-For-You option.


Tax Street offers bookkeeping services on both a Do-It-Yourself program with some minimal assistance or comprehensive bookkeeping services where we compile and produce reports to help you manage your busisiness better.

Real Estate Transaction Consulting

Let us help you in your real estate transactions.  We are spreadsheet freaks who love to analyize various transactions and we can provide vital feedback on various ownership and financing decisions.

Entity Creation

A key tax reduction strategy is to select the proper entity for your real estate business.  We can advise and create the entity for you including federal and state filings.

Get Started

Tax Strategy Plans – No 2 Are Alike!

Our tax & investment strategies are customized for you and your goals.  We utilize various aggressive but legal strategies to help you reduce your taxes and enhance your real estate income.  By lowering your tax bite we help you beat inflation and gain wealth faster.

About Us

At Tax Street, No Client is Too Big or Small

We have clients who are just starting out as a broker or landlord all the way up to those with dozens of properties and multiple investment partnerships.



I can’t thank you enough for doing my taxes.  I was really stuck due to the circumstances I found myself in and you came to my rescue.  I don’t know what I would have done without your help, and I am incredibly grateful.

Natalie W. 
Natalie W.



“The best financial advisor and tax specialist I have ever met. When I met Tom, I was impressed his expertise and knowledge in financial planning and tax advice. I have recommended his services to all my associates. “

Gary M. 
Gary M.



“Tom has been my accountant and financial advisor since we met in 2006. His vast knowledge and expertise have guided me through lucrative initiatives, as well as tricky financial situations during the last recession. As a resourceful, empathetic, and creative consultant, Tom has kept me smart in my business and tax strategies. Honest, helpful, and generous with his time. I cherish Tom as a close and trusted advisor with all my tax needs.”

Tobin M. 
Tobin M.



“Tom at Tax Street has been my tax specialist for the last 10 years. If you are looking for an honest and incredibly knowledgeable company to guide you through your tax challenges, I highly recommend them. They have delivered the best financial planning and tax strategies to keep my company in line with current tax laws. Their guidance and service have been invaluable.”

John F. Sound Management Inc.
John F.

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