If you’re planning to buy or sell a property, having a licensed real estate advisor or agent to help you out is greatly beneficial. That being said, we understand what questions you have in mind. You might be wondering, “why do I even need a real estate agent in a world where information about anything and everything is available online. Whether it is home buying or selling, a virtual world is readily providing me with all the listings in an area or helping you reach out to thousands of potential sellers and buyers. Don’t we have that website which can virtually guide me through the home buying process, while cutting out the need for a real estate agent?”

Well, not really! There isn’t and will never be only a website (or any virtual thingy) that can actually replace the human real estate advisor or agent. The answer is quite simple & straightforward — if it was so, there wouldn’t be any need for any of the real-world professionals, including mechanics, doctors, tailors, or psychologist!

Let me back up for that: suppose you have a trouble with your car; you have all the information about how to repair it yourself online. But the biggest challenge comes when you open the bonnet and start fiddling with the internal mechanism. What if something goes completely wrong in your inexperienced hands? The cost would certainly be more than what you would be paying to hire a mechanic. Similarly, if your child has a high fever, would you risk checking all the symptoms online or, instead, go to a doctor to make sure it is just a fever and nothing more?

The same logic applies when you decide to buy a property too. In fact, the cost-factor is too huge to simply ignore the importance of an experienced hand — an uninformed decision can burn a huge hole in your pocket! Arguably, the price that you pay for a licensed real estate advisor will be meager compared to the loss otherwise. Read on to find out the long list of additional benefits you have simply by hiring a licensed real estate advisor for property buying or selling.

  1. A real estate agent brings expertise to the table

One of the most important reasons for hiring a real estate advisor is clearly the immense experience and knowledge he has about the industry. This knowledge can be greatly helpful in selecting a home that suits you. When you’ve finished mentioning all the requirements and expectations, the real estate advisor will have a list of matching homes that suit you. Unlike a website, a personal real estate advisor can understand your specific needs and find a suitable home in a locality, perfect for you.

He/she will have an in-depth understanding of the locality. For example, know precisely whether the new place has easy access to various important amenities like schools, hospitals, & markets and whether the area has any issues, such as water crisis or bad neighbors. They will also know the actual market trends and prices in that specific locality, which are crucial to judging whether the seller is trying to sell the property for unreasonably higher rates or not. This isn’t possible through any other medium other than a licensed real estate advisor cum agent.

  1. They get their business by being trustworthy

The question, ‘how do real estate agents get paid’ or ‘how do they land a business’ might have crossed your mind already. Well, it is by being a great real estate agent. Referrals and word of mouth are the bread and butter to a real estate agent. This means any bad reputation could spoil their reputation. All the clients trust a good real estate agent, but most tend to refer only the great ones. So, it is by being trustworthy and extremely helpful that they expand their markets.

You might have already noticed that we mention ‘licensed real estate agent’, in particular. This is because, as with any other businesses or services there are good apples and bad apples. The best way you can distinguish between them is through their license and referrals. With a specific number, called the RERA registration number, it is easier and trustworthy.

  1. Having a licensed real estate agent cuts out all the inconveniences

Well, convenience is always one of the best things a real estate agent can offer you. Even if you have access to most of the listings on websites, you’ll eventually have to visit the place to see them for yourself. Imagine what happens if you have to visit 40-50 houses in a row to shortlist at least 4 or 5 houses? Along with this, there are a lot of instances where a seller promises to meet you at a specific time and place, but doesn’t turn up or isn’t available. How difficult would it be if you are a working professional and had to deal with such situations?

That is where the idea of hiring a real estate agent like HousingMan makes perfect sense. An experienced agent can understand your requirements quite well and would have already made a list of suitable houses. Due to their insider information in the industry and their connections with other realtors, they can find a solution to your challenges quite easily. Once they have shortlisted the properties and done all the groundwork, you just have to visit those few properties. You’d be surprised to see how things work out in a lesser time and minimal hassles!

6 Benefits of hiring a licensed Real Estate Advisor

  1. A licensed real estate agent is also an expert negotiator

If negotiation is not your thing, a real estate agent is the best person to look up to. During a tough transaction, a real estate advisor can assist you way better than anyone else. When it comes to negotiating a deal, even in tough situations they can make the whole process more efficient while standing by you during the whole time. He can present your case in a better light, safeguard your information, and even act as the tough guy when it comes to transactions in demanding situations.

  1. A real estate agent saves you from crappy deals

The real potential of a real estate agent comes when he saves you against vested interests from the part of the seller. Sometimes, whatever you do to avoid a risk, there still remains some wilful sellers who are ready to go to any length to make you fall into a trap. More often than not, it turns out to be financial discrepancies, which could cost you thousands, if not lakhs of rupees. An experienced real estate agent has every little information on how things work and can easily sense if something fishy is happening with the deal. Despite the common human tendency of being penny-wise and pound foolish, you should make an informed decision by hiring a real estate agent to save you some serious bucks.

  1. A real estate advisor does all the dirty paperwork for you

Buying a property is not just about seeing the property and negotiating a deal. Often the first time you think you’ve made a wrong decision by not hiring a real estate advisor comes only when you start sinking in the burden of going through piles and piles of paperwork. Whether it is selling your property or buying one, there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be tackled. Going through all the papers and documents can be a cumbersome affair, especially if you have a job or business to look after all day long. However, missing out on any detail or point from these papers could turn out to be painful too. Hiring a licensed real estate agent could be your way to move these unwanted troubles from your head since they can take care of all the paperwork and legal formalities, as and when needed.

Now that you’re convinced about having a professional real estate agent, there are several portals and websites like www.housingman.com which assists you in hiring experienced, reputed, and licensed real estate advisors to choose and pick up from the best of properties and avail exclusive discounts. These agents are trustworthy and extremely beneficial, not only because they are licensed but also because they have a long-term career goal in this field and their business revolves around referrals arising from customer-satisfaction. You can always contact HousingMan using our contact page for further queries and support.


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